Hello and welcome. I’m a mother of three young children and a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience working with families, and I have finally decided to start writing. I say finally because the person who knows me best – my husband – has seen that when I return home from parenting groups and workshops, I have unmatched energy and an outflow of ideas, and he’s always told me, “You need to start writing these things down!” Well, he was right. There! I’ve said it. And since I’ve started writing, I haven’t been able to stop, as I’m having so much fun recording the thoughts that have been swirling around in my brain for years.

My writing is a reflection of who I am: part deep thinker, part action-oriented pragmatist, part credentialed psychologist, part imperfect mother. I am at once endlessly curious about how people think, feel, react, grow and change and endlessly frustrated when ideas aren’t translated into concrete strategies. In each post, I aim to illuminate tricky parenting situations and also answer the important question, “Ok, so what do I DO now?”

In my writing, I hope to fuse my years of study, training, and experience with the everyday parenting challenges we all go through, with the goal of empowering parents to be the best version of themselves. Let me say it here, as I begin: there is no one right way to be a good parent. My work with parents often has the goal of brainstorming more possibilities of how to interact with kids, not finding some single “best” answer.  So, let’s reflect, learn, and think together, free of judgment and full of curiosity … and full of actionable strategies!